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Name: soorya kiran s
Comment: super interesting game ; go you striker
Name: prisi
Comment: hello people
Name: ad
Comment: very coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll game
Name: Aden
Comment: if you write 'gottamove' in the level code box you can unlock all levels!
Name: crush
Comment: i am going to CRUSH YOU!
Name: brian
Comment: love it
Name: keyoen
Comment: i luv this
Name: marco
Comment: this game is very cool
Name: Crazy Monkey OFICIAL
Comment: Este juego se creo solo para nuestra pagina por favor dejen de copiar este juego
Name: BJ
Name: lee dawg 101
Comment: this is sh*t
Name: daisydarling00
Comment: first time playing stick man sam!! XD
Name: andrew
Comment: cool i love it
Comment: this game is eppic
Name: oblock
Comment: this game is hard
Name: oblock
Comment: money svcz
Name: money
Comment: that was awesome
Name: Noor Nabi
Comment: I Love It
Name: supermario
Comment: nice game
Name: daniel lee
Comment: so fking sexy game btw I'm from korea and live in north van and i go to handsworth seconddary school add me on Facebook!!! daniel Donghyun Lee !!! THAnks
Name: james johnson
Comment: AWzome F***ING GAME MAN
Name: azhar
Comment: I want PS2
Name: goldn dragon
Comment: ti is great
Name: ghost fighter
Comment: is awesome
Name: Soban
Comment: awsome sh*t
Name: taha
Comment: go fore to me hat jctyj kauk jsyt lllaikbysjn gggamusnm gssgs isjoiwsbk jhsl,nsuns. jsuyhsm,yhsbnsycvdsybd seaaaaaa bsrc
Name: taha
Comment: it is yery boring game
Name: shawn
Comment: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bst
Name: sid
Comment: yo mama
Name: frost
Comment: game off the chain
Name: pilot 45
Comment: that game rocks
Name: hfrtehrfi6tr
Comment: stick tyl
Name: Criken2
Comment: Great Write! ^_^
Name: Gummy bear
Comment: It is a cool game.:
Name: leito santana facebook
Comment: no lo juge todavia jajajs esta cargando
Name: SPSRoXstrII
Name: jason junior
Comment: stik very smart game
Name: Tyrell Foster
Comment: Add me on Facebook=Tyrell Foster Follow me on IG and ill follow bk=tyrell654
Name: axel47
Comment: i past training! suckus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: emaan
Comment: super game
Name: ajay
Comment: it is the super game in the world
Name: Sarah
Comment: lovve yoou so much if only i know your number studd xoxoxooxoxxoxooo
Name: keerthivarman
Comment: its a adventure game of sam
Name: Sarah
Comment: awww stud ur awesome too
Name: stud
Comment: i love u sarah
Name: ghazi
Comment: awsommm !!
Name: Sarah
Comment: im really beautiful
Name: DIV
Comment: cool game
Name: Sarah
Comment: im single
Name: ant
Comment: play black ops 2 its beast
Name: steven
Comment: try halo 4 glad you came parody!!!!
Name: ricky
Comment: neither bad nor good
Name: Sarah
Comment: im really sexy
Name: R>T
Comment: nice game
Name: Sarah
Comment: i will tell u wher i live if u give me ur number
Name: ryan
Comment: yes where you live
Name: Sarah
Comment: anyone wanna date im bored and sexy
Name: Naresh
Comment: It is really a nice game

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